Car Repairs You Should Never Try to Do Yourself

Money being spent on maintenance and repairs of cars can never be capped at a specified figure, for this reason, car owners resort to DIY fixes on their cars in order to drive down the large costs every now and then. While there are some small repairs and maintenance tasks a car owner can handle alone, there are others that require professional intervention.

Similarly, as with everything in life that breaks, there is the point at which you should choose whether it is smarter to pay the money to have another person tackle the fix or you choose to hold back a few bucks and give fixing it a shot yourself.

Trying to do these complicated jobs without the help of professionals will only lead to more damage.

The following 10 examples indicate it’s best to back off in order to protect your vehicle and yourself.

1. Damaged Windshield

 Driving around with a cracked windshield is dangerous. These cracks can prohibit you from seeing and also compromise the structural integrity of the windshield.

Getting these problems fixed by a professional can help you avoid making matters worse.


2. Repairing or Recharging an AC

Car AC systems tend to be more complicated than most people might think although most people don’t give much thought to its operation. Since the AC system contains chemicals, it is best not to try to repair or recharge it yourself. Our mechanics at Car Parts Nigeria go through a multi-point check of your AC system to ensure that you will stay cool. 

3. Mounting/Balancing Tires

Changing a flat tire is regarded as standard maintenance DIY. However, when it comes to mounting a new tire on a rim or balancing your tires, it is a sophisticated job that requires special tools specifically for the task. There’s a need for you to get it to an auto repair shop

4. Electrics

There are endless yards of electric wiring in a car, with many connectors, sensors, and computers plugged into them. If certified car electricians tend to take great when fixing automotive electronic gremlins, then it is best if you do the same.

5. AC system restoration

The amount of parts requiring replacement on a modern vehicle when an AC compressor locks up is staggering. Once that crucial component seizes up, it will more than likely send tiny shards of metal through every inch of the system, meaning every line and fitting needs to be replaced along with the condenser, evaporator, compressor, and various other items. Expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous, this is a task that even trained professionals dread doing

6. Suspension

A vehicle’s suspension system might look relatively easy to fix. Whether you are checking out the arms, struts, or brushings, it appears relatively easy to replace or repair these thin metal pieces. However, this is not something you should attempt since a single mistake can ruin the entire suspension system.

7. Spring Removal

Even if you've got a suitable compressor used in its removal, you'll still have to handle the compressed spring from start to finish, and that can be a harrowing experience indeed. If the compressor plates are not secured properly at any stage, the spring can come loose and slingshot forward with terrifying force. Lots of people have been maimed or killed this way. The risk isn’t worth taking so it’s best you pass the baton to a professional who's done it hundreds of times before.

8. Bodywork

Repairing damaged body panels and applying paint is an expensive, messy, noxious, and time-consuming process. Between all the fumes and required training, it’s one of those repairs for which specialized professionals are the obvious choice.

By tackling this fix on your own it’s easy to end up with a terrible job with bubbles, sanding gouges, and a multitude of other issues.

9. Timing Belt

The timing belt is a vital engine component that will eventually require replacement. However, installing a new timing belt is not something you should do yourself. In some cases, it involves the disassembly of close to half the engine. Even a minor mistake can cause a significant amount of damage to your engine.

10. Engine Tune-Ups/Repairs

The engine is one of the most complicated and essential components of your vehicle. It is definitely no place for amateur efforts, especially now that modern engines are highly computerized. If your vehicle’s engine is in need of a tune-up or extensive repairs, take it to a qualified professional. If your engine is not running at its best, it is probably burning more gas than it needs to and in a worst-case scenario – doing more damage to the engine itself.

Don’t put your vehicle at risk. Rather than attempting DIY vehicle repairs, bring it to our in-house trained professionals at Car Parts Nigeria. With over 20 years of experience, our customers can attest to the company’s expertise, repair turnaround time, part sales, and robust customer service. Call Us Today at 09099995678 or 080CARPARTS 08022772787 to learn more about our services.

Posted on June 2020,08  //  Author: Admin