5 Proven Tips to Protect Your Car in Rainy Days

Don’t let rainwater to sit for a long time
It’s detrimental to the paint of the body. So, wash the car after you are done with the driving for the day. If you need to stay outside for a long time, using wax polish could be a feasible solution. It creates a thin protective layer on the paint and makes water to roll off easily.

Seal off the openings
It’s important so that rain does not leak inside the car. It’s your duty to check the rubber lining on doors before the arrival of the monsoon. Repair or replace them in case the linings are torn off or damaged. Moreover, grease the door hinges to make... Read more

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Why Do Diesel Vehicles Emit Black Smoke?

There's a typical confusion among drivers of gas motor autos that diesel motors are "grimy," and that dark smoke is radiated from every one of them. That is really not the situation.Take a look at any well-maintained diesel car, and you won't see any dark smoke from the tailpipe. It's really a manifestation of poor upkeep and falling flat parts, not a side effect of consuming diesel all alone.

What causes the smoke?

Dark smoke from a diesel motor is really unburned diesel. If the engine and different segments were legitimately kept up, that material would really be scorched in the engine. In this way, you can quickly tel... Read more

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Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode on Thursday commissioned an ultra modern Ferry Terminal and the Headquarters of the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) in Falomo area of the State, restating that no efforts would be spared to harness the potentials of water transport sector for the overall benefit of residents. 

The Governor, who also commissioned a Multi-level Car Park within the same premises, said the unveiling of the edifice which was delivered through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with MTN Nigeria, signposts the readiness, willingness and ability of the State Government to take full contr... Read more

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This Electric Tricycle is proudly made in Aba

This Electric Tricycle is proudly made in Aba, Abia state!
It does not used fuel, No changing of engine oil, No noise

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The Most Common Error Codes for Transmission Problems

If your Check Engine Light has come on, there are a number of conditions that could be causing it. Many are related to the transmission. Your mechanic can perform a computer analysis that will reveal the problems that can be causing the Check Engine Light to come on in the form of alphanumeric codes known as P codes. The following are among the most common P codes:

P0218: Transmission over temperature condition

Your transmission is overheating. Some vehicles have a dash light that will say “trans over temp,” but not all vehicles have this feature. This code could mean that the fluid sensor needs to be replace... Read more

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What Happens When You Drive With the Parking Brake On?

Leaving a parking brake on in a vehicle at the same time as driving is a common incidence and an easy mistake to make, specially in case you are using a car you aren't used to. The first indication of a hassle is a lack of strength. And if the parking brake is left on for too long, you'll begin to perceive a burning odor, which occurs whilst the brake pad receives too much heat.

You maybe surprise if leaving the parking brake on while riding can damage your vehicle's brakes. The solution depends on the rate you have been travelling whilst it turned into, how long you drove with the parking brake engaged, and whether or not your ... Read more

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How Long Can You Drive on a Plugged or Patched Tire?

You made it! You got your punctured tire repaired before it became damaged any further. The technician fixed it, filled it, and now you’re on your way. Then a thought clouds your mood over. How long are you able to drive with your tire like this? Is it safe to drive your car on a patched tire?

There are three common ways to repair a tire:

A patch over the puncture hole on the inside of the tire

A plug through the puncture hole

A combination patch-plug that covers the puncture from the inside and plugs through it

The only proper repair is a combination patch-plug. A patch or a plug on their o... Read more

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2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan preview: The best, made bigger

It might not be the first super-luxe automaker with an SUV in its lineup, but Rolls-Royce is determined to have the best one, and its name is Cullinan.

This has been a long time coming. The sea change in buyer attitudes toward SUVs has moved from morbid curiosity to unabashed stanning, regardless of price point. If Rolls-Royce didn't make a utility vehicle, it'd be leaving money on the table. It didn't rush one out, though, which is where many automakers get tripped up.

Rolls-Royce clearly wanted to make a car that embodies every inch of its badge, and it seems that the 2019 Cullinan fits the bill.

Looks the same... Read more

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How Does Power Steering Impact a Vehicle’s Handling?

The goals of power steering
Ideally, power steering would do its job of making steering easier without having any negative effects on handling. The steering would still be quick and precise without being too sensitive to control easily, and the driver would still be able to tell what the wheels were doing at all times. All vehicle manufacturers try to achieve those goals with their power steering systems, and for the most part they succeed. Modern power steering systems that are functioning properly usually don’t have a big, negative impact on handling.

How power steering affects handling
Still, there’s alw... Read more

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Real-life iron man suit is up for sale. Just in case you're tired of traffic.

Richard Browning is ready for take off. He lights his engines, bends his knees, and the next minute he's ascending into the air. He hovers, defying gravity, before he begins to fly up and down an ordinary London street.
No, this isn't a scene from a super hero movie -- this is Britain's real life "Iron Man" in action. Browning has created a state-of-the-art flying suit that rivals anything you've seen on the silver screen.
Want to get a piece of the action? Browning's jet suit is now officially on sale -- for no less than £340,000 (roughly $442,396).

This incredible invention was built by Browning using 3D printe... Read more

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