Which engine is better a 'V6' or a 'V8' ? - Update by Josey
11:21:am On Wed 19 2016

A V8 engine provides a great deal more power than a V6 engine, but the latter offers much better gas mileage. The V in V6 and V8 refers to the shape and number of pistons. Quite literally, the V8 has two more pistons than the V6. The V configuration first appeared in 1889 with a V2, but a V12 was produced by 1904. The most common modern configurations are the V4, V6 and V8. Modern V6 engines are often "turbocharged," which produces more horsepower and a smoother ride than older V6 vehicles, bringing it closer in line with most V8 engines in terms of power and stability.



07:18:am On October 20 2016

The bigger the engine the faster the car becomes and also brings about high rate of fuel consumption.

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